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Relating Well Functioning Well

members only Relationship Insurance Part 1 of 3: How to Grow & Maintain Love During Conflict

Conflict can either strengthen or destroy a marriage. The way couples handle conflict is the most significant aspect of being successful or unsuccessful in keeping the marriage together.

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Navigating Well Relating Well

members only Reducing Stress: Rate Your Reactivity

If you are trying to reduce stress, one of the first and most difficult steps is realizing your feelings and behavior are not a direct result of another’s behavior. My feelings are the result of what the others person’s behavior means to me.

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Functioning Well Unwinding Well

10 Minute Mental Fixer Upper - Simple Step to Reduce Stress

Study after study shows that prayer and meditation lead to a healthier emotional, spiritual, and physical life.  Just a few minutes a day can help with facing a new day or unwinding at the end of the day.

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Functioning Well Relating Well

members only Communicating with Kindness is a Choice Everyone Can Make

Communicating with kindness allows us to accomplish many things by creating an encouraging environment.

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